Progress Report

The Little Things

An exploration of happiness

Paragraph Synopsis
The main idea of this project is to explore the concept of happiness and what it means. Essentially it will explore what happiness means to different people and will be compiled together and showcased as an interactive project.

The online documentary will provide information on the project as well as cover the general idea of what happiness means. It will showcase collected ideas, concepts and contributed pieces from members of the community regarding their happy stories and ideals. It will also allow users to reflect on these ideas put forward by others as well as submit their own content.

The project will subside as a web-based interface online.

Wireframe Diagram of Content Areas

Home (Landing Page)


About the Project/The Team


Explore Pages (Content)


Submission Page


Contact Us


Archival or original materials

All materials are original sourced through interviews and user submitted content.

Interviews for the introductory video are currently being filmed and this will be done through interviewing members of the community.

Interview Questions

1. What makes you happy?
2. What does happiness mean to you? Can you define it?
3. What is the happiest moment/or one of the happiest moments in your life so far? Tell us about that.

User-submitted content will be completed through asking members of the community to submit their own material. These materials will be written pieces, photos, video and audio. There is currently no limit or set amount of materials required.

Written Card Questions

Things that make me happy: (List them)


Most recorded interviews have been completed this week (Week 12) and are currently being compiled together for the editing process. This editing process will begin at the end of Week 12.

Are currently being drawn up and will be completed by the end of Week 12.

Interface Coding
This will be completed by the end of Week 13.

User-Generated Content
This compilation will be conducted in coordination with the interface coding process. It will be completed right up until Week 14.

Laura – Interviews/Content
Teresa – User Interface Design
Lara – Video Editor
Tess – Content Editor

The graphic interface is currently being designed in InDesign & Photoshop.

The site itself is currently being built in Dreamweaver using a combination of HTML5/CSS3/JQuery & PHP. If we run out of time, it will be completed in Wix.

Lara/Laura & Tess will all share responsibility regarding the video editing and written content done through Final Cut and Word.


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