Additional Commentary

To be honest, I still haven’t really come up with a title for the project that I am entirely happy with. They all seem really cliche and cheesy and I cringe every time I read it.

Some of the titles:

  • Happy: A Collection of Stories
  • Aim: Happy?
  • A Happy Collection
  • Happiness of Mine
  • Think Happy Thoughts
  • Happy: The Sydney Collection
  • Spread the Happy
  • In Light of Happiness
  • Happy Culture
  • Means of Happiness
  • A Little Bit of Happiness
  • Human Happiness

At the moment, i’m calling the project ‘Happy?: Perspectives in Sydney’

The title will be subjected to change – especially if someone comes up with something better 🙂

Future Projections

If I did have enough time and enough resources to do so, I could definitely see this project move towards a cross-platform approach. Development of an application on a personal media device could essentially lead to more opportunities for  further user-generated content and contribution.

On a much broader scale, the project could explore trends and other concepts of happiness in a national and global scale. This would be pretty cool to see if a project like this were to expand.


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