Technical Feasibility

Honestly, in terms of technical feasibility, i’m pretty confident in my abilities in order to get this project completed by Week 14. However, there are a number of factors that I have considered and concluded that may potentially cause issues and problems with the project:

Time Frame

While I understand that this project will be developed as more of a prototype, if I were approaching this as an actual project, I would definitely allow more time for my conceptual development to progress further and allocate more time towards pre-production, production and post-production so that I would be working on it at a less stressful pace.

Because there is only a certain amount of time given to complete the project, I do have doubts in terms of the quality of the content that will be gathered and the overall ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the project.

Also in regards to time, because there is a limited amount of it, the context of the content will not take place at any specific time period or place.

Searle Kochberg also suggests this by stating:

“All too often in student films, there is no sense of time or place at all – the sounds and images are presented in a vacuum which could be anywhere, and anytime of the day or year.” (Kochberg 2002, p. 9)

This is definitely one of the reasons why I chose to emphasise on user-generated content because it relies on the user and whenever they are comfortable to submit their own. By not relying purely on traditional interviews, there is no need to try and schedule interviews within the period of time given – only editing and categorising the content.


  • Hardware
    • DSLR Camera/Video Camera + memory cards
    • Tripod
    • Sound recorder/Mic (Lapel or Handheld)
  • Software
    • Video Editing Software (Adobe Premiere Pro/Final Cut)
    • Audio Editing Software (Audacity)
    • Image Editing Software (Photoshop)

Whilst I have access to most of this gear/equipment, it would be great if another team member had access to them as a backup. (You never know what might not work in the field)


Even though I do have the ability to video and record as well as edit, it would be great to have a few team members who are:

  • MAP Student – Someone who can contribute with filming & editing content
  • Writing/Cultural Studies or Journalism Student – Who can contribute with writing content and narrative components
  • PR or Advertising Student – Someone who can promote the project to obtain as much user-interaction and submission participation as possible


There is none. I will have to rely on my own and contacting other people for resources. (I have contacts who have said that they can lend me recording/audio gear if needed)


There are so many things that can go wrong with location – especially with field interviews and vox pops. Besides location scouting beforehand, weather, location noise and lighting will play a crucial role and will need to be considered as much as possible.


I have already found people a few people who are interested in being interviewed for the main segments of the documentary – however these are not set in stone. This may be an issue and will need to be confirmed if the project is approved.

Permission & Access

Media Release & Indemnity forms will need to be prepared before shooting or publishing any content. There will need to be a Terms of Service announcement on the submission page outlining the permissions that is being given to the project if the user does submit content.


This will play a significant role in the user-generated content section of the project. Word of mouth and social networking will primarily play the biggest part in spreading the project towards users. If unsuccessful, this could see only small levels of contribution of content which would be disappointing.


Kochberg, S. 2002, Introduction to Documentary Production, Wallflower, London.


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