At the moment, I have not yet been able to come up with a name for this project. I’m honestly thinking more about the content and how it will be structured, but i’m sure I will name it down the line.

The main idea surrounding this project will be regarding the concept of happiness and what it means. Essentially, this will be exploring what the concept means to different people & groups throughout Sydney and will be compiled together and showcased as an interactive project.

The online documentary and its site will:

  • Provide information about the project
  • Cover the general idea of what happiness means
  • Provide views on what happiness is to chosen interviewees as the initial narrative
  • Showcase collected ideas, concepts and pieces from members of the community regarding their happy stories and ideals.
  • Allow users to reflect on the ideas put forward by other members of the community
  • Allow users to submit their own content

The aim of this project is to be able to showcase and reveal to the community that there are many different perspectives on what happiness is and means. Hopefully it’ll enable others to reflect on their own personal experiences about what happiness and consequently unhappiness is.


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