Research into Similar Projects

Through my initial research, I have been able to find similar documentaries that also examine the concept of happiness.

Projects such as Project Happiness , Happy (2011), Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness and The Way to Happiness – all take on the concept by exploring and essentially identifying ways in which are dedicated to inspiring and empowering the audience through methods of finding happiness.

While I realise that my subject and conceptual topic may not be 100 percent original, I do plan on exploring this concept from another perspective. Helene Hegemann, a German author, has stated that:

“But I’ve said it again and it’s still my best defence: there’s no such thing as originality, just authenticity.”

In regard to covering and examining social concepts such as the one I plan to explore, I believe this to be true. Whilst examining a topic or subject such as that of happiness, it is not exactly original – the only way to really distinguish it from the rest is through the approach and authenticity of this approach.

I feel this kind of relates back to Sohail’s lecture about pitching: That whilst an idea may be ‘new’ or ‘old’, the best way to pitch it is to show that it is coming from a new perspective, angle or direction; which is exactly what I plan to do.


Hegemann, H. 2012, ‘Helene Hegemann: ‘There’s no such thing as originality, just authenticity’, The Guardian, available via:



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