A Second Opinion

Before I continued developing my concept, I decided that it was a good idea to run my concept by Megan this evening in order to get a different opinion on what I had come up with and boy am I glad I did.

As part of the narrative content that I had in mind, I had initially planned to shoot video as part of the main stories that I wanted to showcase but Megan suggested that I could try doing this through audio. In doing so, people would open up a lot more if they are not obviously identifiable and my idea of obtaining stories through vox pops would be able to showcase this in action.

Megan also brought up a point that I do agree with – I really need to consider the concept carefully and remember not to showcase this concept in a manner that is “too cheesy” and “feel good”. A suggestion was made to explore and ask questions more about the ‘unhappy’ side of things and ‘why happiness is important’ in which would make the perspectives a little more interesting.

These suggestions will definitely be considered as I research more into the concept and as I further develop my idea.



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