Concept Development

I had an epiphany this morning. Ideas were flowing non-stop and I was struggling to write them all down. So I drew a mind map with all the main ideas:

Ideas Mind Map

Honestly, there are so many ideas that I want to take on but some of them are just far too complex for this project in my eyes so essentially, after considering the principle of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time Bound), I decided to keep things realistic and simple.

After years of following designer concepts, I couldn’t help but apply the KISS principle of:

Keep It Simple, Stupid”

So, after narrowing down the concepts to a particular few, I decided to take on the concept of happiness.

Whilst browsing through Tumblr after establishing that this was the concept I wanted to explore, I came across this image that struck my interest.

This made me wonder:

  • What is she smiling about? Why is she so happy?
  • Is there a story surrounding her laughter & smile?

Essentially, this developed what I have envisioned as my project to be – is that of basically engaging with the community of Sydney and exploring the endless notion of what happiness means to them and whether there were stories that they wanted to share. By exploring this concept, I am hoping to showcase a compilation of lighthearted stories and enable the community to be able to collectively experience and engage with what the notion of happiness means to them.


Image source


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