Further Thoughts & Ideas

Throughout the course of my degree and my working life, the term ‘collaboration’ has popped up more than ever before. The significance of collaboration has been demonstrated in many of the projects I have worked on and the importance of it has shown me the power of working together and in turn, the role that contributing ideas can take when coming from different people and their perspectives.

In the past, I have been able to collaborate on such projects as One Day in Cabramatta, where through the Information & Cultural Exchange (ICE) Mobile Story Exchange, I was able to invite, engage and collect the untold stories of the Vietnamese community and compile them into a book for all of the community to see.

Tonight, I was reminded of this idea of community storytelling. I was fortunate enough to attend a live talk with the PostSecret creator and founder Frank Warren at the Enmore Theatre where he discussed how he came up with the project idea and the impact that it has had on the global community. The one idea that resonated with me that I took away from this talk was what he said, the idea that:

“Secrets can be transformative”

In relation to this, the idea that secrets and conjunctively stories, can be transformative is something that resonates and inspires me. They really can change people. The power of human stories was incredibly evident tonight and everyone left the theatre feeling touched, inspired, liberated and incredibly moved which is something that I aim to do for my documentary concept. I want to be able to move people and help them essentially experience what others share collectively and reflect on & in ourselves. It is then that I wish to create a concept in which members of the community will be able to actively participate and collectively reflect on the ideas put forward by others.

For more on the PostSecret project & Frank Warren, watch his TED Talk here.


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