Social Media & Interactivity

Social Media

Social Media & Interactivity

Considering the spectrum and vast nature of social media in providing mediums for user engagement, the lack of social media implementation was quite surprising. Whilst there are options to share the site to various social media networks, there isn’t many ‘call to action’ buttons or activities that push the user into engaging and discussing the subject matter. Whilst it is understandable that social media networks have not been as prominent in 2010 as in recent times, it would have been great to see options for users to provide feedback in one way or another through community forums or even feedback forms. By doing so, users are able to go from being a passive member of the audience to becoming a participant with an active and meaningful role in taking on the role of agency and progress through a much more enriching and meaningful narrative experience.

In terms of interactivity on the main website, we are presented with very few options to interact with the content which therefore left me feeling quite underwhelmed. The only interactive elements were really included on the external ‘Embracing My Flaws’ site where it required users to take on the stimulus and response aspect of interactivity where it prompts the user to click on the interactive components of the site and are then rewarded with sound bites of information.

The vast array of issues covered within the documentary provided ample opportunity for users to engage with the project and in this respect, I felt that a perfect opportunity had been wasted in getting the users to submit their own responses as to what kind of flaws they are insecure about. If this idea had been incorporated, possible engagements could have triggered responses from users “who are enthusiastic about the work they’ve done and are likely to show their friends, potentially bringing in new audience members” (Phillips 2012, p. 130)


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