Platform Choice

Platform Choice

Flawed DVD

Technology is increasingly changing the way we live and changing the way in which we relate to each other and the environment. Traditional linear documentaries are increasingly taking on new forms and mediums than ever before. According to Dorfman, she believes that “the world of television is opening up to all different kinds of art forms and viewers are becoming so literate and are open to different formats.”

This perspective has been demonstrated as Flawed has been launched as a cross-platform project covering not only distribution through film festival circuits, DVD release and public broadcast on network TV stations such as PBS but has also embraced the online nature of web distribution, acting as an online interactive platform.

Although it can be viewed through those various channels, it can be primarily accessed through its online platform. This makes it easily accessible for those who have access to the Internet and are therefore able to access remotely from any location with a mobile/desktop-based Internet connection. With the nature of online distribution increasingly evolving, projects such as Flawed are able to develop and reach far greater audiences than those of traditional documentaries and audience sizes. In launching the project online, it is then able to make the documentary far more interactive, as demonstrated with the ‘Embracing My Flaws’ element of the site where users are able to click on various components and listen to sound bites about the different flaws that the narrator (Dorfman) has.

Having also tested the site on the iPhone, I thought it was also important to note that the interactive site is unable to load as it does not support Flash but for users who purely want to gain access to the full film, they are able to access and watch it via the NFB site.


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