About the project & Andrea Dorfman

Flawed (Title Card)

About the Project

FLAWED is an Emmy Award nominated animated short documentary based on the reflections and personal experiences faced by Canadian artist and filmmaker Andrea Dorfman when she develops a long-distance relationship with a plastic surgeon.

By using a series of colourful and entirely hand-painted watercolour images and transforming them using time-lapse animation, the charming and heartfelt visual essay is able to reflect and address modern concepts of the idea of ‘flawlessness’ and the issues that everyone, at one point or another, have had with their own self image and the characteristics that society considers to be flaws.

By reflecting on past incidents in her life, Dorfman highlights that “At some point I realized that, in embracing our flaws we celebrate who we are in our entirety and are able to fall in love completely, wholly and honestly.”

About Andrea Dorfman

Andrea Dorfman is a Canadian artist and filmmaker located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After graduating McGill University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, she moved on to developing and creating numerous experimental and dramatic short and feature films. Most recently, she has started working and incorporating animation into her works at the National Film Board of Canada. For more information about her and her projects, visit the sites below for more details.

Website | Facebook | Vimeo | YouTube


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